1) bring 3x5 cards
2) Please go to the SOL Review page on This website.  In the MIDDLE column there is a list of CHAPTER TESTS. You are to complete 5 for each day we are out for snow.  So on Day 1, complete Ch tests 1-5....etc....  You may (should) use your textbook or any other source.

1) Refer to the blog page here and I will direct you to specific assignments.  I will include links and due dates.

Tim Ruff
03/04/2013 1:27pm

Ugh...... Can we do it on quizlet and print it out if we can't get flashcards?

Sabrina Borgstrom
03/04/2013 4:29pm

Whoa wait...we do the SOL chapter tests on flash cards? I was under the impression we do them like the sol booklet where we write the sentence with the question and the answer in it...

Larry Byvik
03/04/2013 6:10pm

Please reread the post regarding the chapter tests.

Larry Byvik
03/04/2013 6:11pm

See me tomorrow. Ill make a deal w u

03/05/2013 12:25pm

Ahhhh.... sorry Mr. Byvik I didn't check intill now can you contact me through my email?

Larry Byvik
03/05/2013 12:33pm

No worries Tim. Send me an email to
Ill then give u my personal email and instructions for how i want u to set up the quizlet stuff.

03/05/2013 3:38pm

Did you get my email?

Larry Byvik
03/05/2013 4:39pm

Ill pick it up tomorrow noon

Larry Byvik
03/05/2013 5:27pm

Tim. Email me at Lbyvik@gmail. Com.
YOU dont do the tests.

Mackenzie McDaniel-Neff
03/06/2013 3:55am

Will we have to print out our assignments? My power went out around 5:30 this morning, so my printer isn't working.

Larry Byvik
03/06/2013 4:54am

Nope. Just do the best u can.

Russell AdamsakaMrByviksFAVORITEstudent
03/11/2013 4:25am

Do we have to do it if we haven't done it yet... I remember you said there would be textbook work...?

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