Ok guys.....your test is Friday. Focus on the Mid East econ WS 3, the Mid East Econ Notes and the Mid East econ power point on the WG page of this website.  

Also READ Ch 19 in your text!  The info there bolsters the notes and etc. we've done in class.

Refer to these links on the WG Mid east unit page
N Africa SW Asia Economic~2ppt
Middle East Econ Char WS~3

Middle East Econ Char Notes~3

Swacana Land ch 19 463-468

Print and complete this assignment.  You may use your text and the interconnected webs.

Mid East Econ Char ws 3



Middle East Phys Char WS ~ 2
Find it on the WG unit 6 page
The Country Project paper size is 12 X 18 Inches.
If you have a few minutes check out a page I added called "Just Cool Stuph".  I'm going to put links to webpages, videos, music and other stuff that I think is interesting and cool for some reason or other. OK! OK! I KNOW Im an OLDE Man!  But sometimes you need to go in a direction other than "ONE"!!!!  :D so just bear with me! OK!?  trust me...Some of the stuph will be WAY outside what you guys like....Give it a chance....or at least humor me...OK?  
Here is the Country Project rubric
The project due date is Friday February 22.   I've put it on the calendar.  If you need paper, please see me in class.
Swacana Land pgs 427~431
I passed this out in class.  This is just in case you for got it.  This assignment is due Wednesday. Tomorrow.  Expect a quiz on the material

For those of you who need the notes from today's lecture, refer to this power point.
 N Africa SW Asia physical ~ 1ppt   The material here will also be included on the quiz.