See the link on the Geog page for the instructions or click here.  Due date TBD




This young lady has a great message.  She has been living aboard a small boat for 4 years.
Your homework this weekend is to complete the North American and Canadian map assignment. Click HERE or on the North American Map Assignment link on the WG page for the assignment.

WG ~ Map of Canada


Please print this map of Canada and bring it to class Friday Oct 26
Please print the Unit 3 CE 6 Vocabulary and bring it to class on Thursday.  If you have 3x5 note cards, bring those as well.
GUYS!!!! The study guides are FREEEEE POINTS!!!! I have many from civics today with no name or not turned in at all! Those are ZEROS!!! That will hurt!! All you have to do is complete them!! It is amazing that many of you w the better test grades completed the study guides and turned them in!! SHOCKER!!
Civix kidz! Your Unit test grades are entered. This was huge as it comprises 20% of your overall quarterly grade. Your grades are not final and wont be finalized until saturday when I have finished entering all the assignments. However, you should have a decent indication of your final grade within a point or two or three.
Hey guys!  On Thursday, November 1 we will be holding a MOCK election right here in school!  EVERY one is ELIGIBLE to register.  However, if you don't register, you won't get to vote!  So what do you need to do?

1) Go here
2) Print the 3rd page of this form and complete it.  DO NOT Fill in your Social Security Number.
3) Bring the completed form to lunch.  We will collect it there. We will also have forms at lunch for you to use as well
4) You MUST have your student ID with you on voting day or you WONT be allowed to vote.
Civics----your test is tuesday
WG. --- your test is Wednesday.
Civics kids~~ your unit test will be next Tuesday October 23.  the test will cover the following information. Citizenship, Duties and responsibilities, Types of government, The major documents, the election process and political spectrum.  Start studying

World Geography kids~~~~ your test will be Wednesday Oct 25. It will cover everything we have studied in the current unit.  There are study guides on the webpage.