Civics kidz~~  this is DUE BY WEDNESDAY THIS WEEK.  Please log into your engrade account and complete the quiz titled "Birth of the Const Packet Quiz"

WG guys~~  your test is open source....notes, textbook ch5 Phys geog of North America and the interconnected webs are fine.  Due by Monday 11/19
Geog kidz!  Here is the link to the Vid we started in class.  Check engrade for a quiz based on the video. YES! you may watch the video again while you take the quiz.  

You may have to copy and pasted the link into a new browser page. 
Hey YA'LL!  I found this vid on the Bill of Rights.  Its pretty good and sorta silly!!  Please watch!
Hey guys...Log into your engrade account and look for the Bill of Rights Quiz #1 
Please take this quiz at your leisure.  It is OPEN SOURCE.  However, the easiest thing to do is just look up the Bill of Rights in your text book or online and use that as your reference.
Log in.  Click on your class....hover over on 
The Due date for the NA project is MONDAY NOVEMBER 19