OK GUYS!  I finally have something worked out.  This is the first time I've put together something that is more open ended.  There are some ideas included in the rubric.  Please read through it carefully BEFORE you tackle anything.  Feel free to shoot me questions. I'll try to answer as soon as I am able.  But suffice to say, anything you do and do well will be considered as long as you have at least followed the spirit of the rubric.
Here is the Link in word form as well as pdf
Country Project special interest rubric
Country Project special interest rubric pdf
You have been assigned a country.  If you cant remember please see me.  The Rubric for the project is here.

This is the basic rubric.  The project MUST be completed on the paper I provide to you. If you lose it and need another, see me.  I will add the instructions for  additional part of the project later this week
YAY!!  I FINALLY got the online textbook info!  Aren't you thrilled!?  ok...so its really my fault it took so long......!

Here we go!  Follow the steps below

Click register

Enter the access code – PHSSSE11VAENCIVT
Click next
Enter school zip code  20186

Select school from drop down

Enter the remaining info

OK!!   Finally I GOT IT! YAY!!!  here are the details for logging in.  Once you create your UN and PW  WRITE THEM IN YOUR AGENDA!!! Cuz I will NOT have access to your information.

So here we go!

Go to www.connected.mcgraw-hill.com
Select "Create a new account" button.
Enter the Redemption Code  .
Enter your First Name and Last Initial then click Finish.
Write down your Username and Password.

Complete the Latin America map activity provided to you in class.  A copy of the instructions are HERE
Civix kidz
Hey guys..take a few minutes and watch this video discussing the judicial branch of the government and the concept of Judicial review.  Be prepared to discuss this in class