Hey guys...Log into your engrade account and look for the Bill of Rights Quiz #1 
Please take this quiz at your leisure.  It is OPEN SOURCE.  However, the easiest thing to do is just look up the Bill of Rights in your text book or online and use that as your reference.
Log in.  Click on your class....hover over MORE....click on 

11/12/2012 4:42pm

I have a feeling I'm the only one who took the quiz

Larry Byvik
11/12/2012 5:01pm

Thats cuz i just posted it!
No time frame

11/12/2012 5:46pm


Sunshine ;)
11/12/2012 5:31pm

I am having trouble logging into my engrade account

Mr. Byvik
11/12/2012 5:34pm

It would help if I knew who "sunshine" is. you need to use your real name

11/18/2012 4:29am

Mr.Byvik the engrade thing won't match my username and password together. I changed my password a while ago but it let me in after then suddenly it refuses to let me into my acount! =[

Larry Byvik
11/18/2012 4:34am

Sorry. U are supposed to write that stuff down. I have no way of helping you today.

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