CE ~ Print The document Ch 4 Roots of Freedom.  Complete the questions to discuss and turn in on Friday 
Ch 4 Roots of Freedom


amir siders
09/13/2012 12:27pm

what do you mean by The document Ch 4 Roots of Freedom.

09/13/2012 12:33pm

amir he means the document on our page above the first blue link

amir siders
09/13/2012 12:34pm

i get it now but my printer is not working so i will print it at school in the libray

09/13/2012 1:09pm

admir just look up the answers and write them down on looseleaf paper, thats what I'm doing any ways.

09/13/2012 12:39pm

Hey isnt that the one we were using today in class???

Hannah Cordova<3
09/13/2012 2:28pm

this gonna sound stupid...but...is there a way i can print/copy it without downloading?? my dads getting mad because im using his storage...

09/13/2012 2:49pm

um hey, BBBE. I think you have to so download and when you are done delete it

Hannah Cordova<3
09/13/2012 2:55pm

okkaaayyyyy thanks BBBE(:: lol

Hannah Cordova<3
09/13/2012 2:55pm

okkaaayyyyy thanks BBBE lol

09/13/2012 3:00pm

no prob BBBE

Hannah Cordova<3
09/13/2012 3:09pm

I GOT IT!!!! go on google and look it up :D hehe im a smartie

09/13/2012 2:51pm

I don't have my textbook so, how do i do this?

Hannah Cordova<3
09/13/2012 2:54pm

haha yeah me either.....whoops

09/13/2012 2:59pm

so what now

Hannah Cordova<3
09/13/2012 3:01pm

hmm.....GOOD QUESTION! wheres mr.byvik when we need him?!

09/13/2012 3:02pm


Hannah Cordova<3
09/13/2012 3:10pm

(: (: (: google itttt.....im a smartie pants :D (;

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