Civix should be spending your time tonight brainstorming ideas for your Local Government game. MUST use the terms I designated in class and the game MUST stay within the context of LOCAL GOVERNMENT......

Remember also that I am working through this idea with you.  Feel free to ask questions and help develop this idea.

Rutger Scott
01/29/2013 11:59am

Could we make the citizens have fictional names?

Tim Rufff
01/29/2013 12:05pm

@"So we have to use the terms and create a game, what does the game have to do? Could it be a game like "are you smarter then a 5th grader"?

01/29/2013 2:24pm

I want 2 do "Warrenton Monopoly" with the monopoly man Fitch

Larry Byvik
01/29/2013 2:43pm

Awesome idea!!

Madelyn Granger <3
01/29/2013 3:09pm

Does the game have to have players or characters?

Larry Byvik
01/29/2013 3:19pm

Thats up to you

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