Expect a quiz on Thursday on this material
Be sure to READ and understand Ch 12 Section 1
1) complete the following assignment to turn in.
 Page 326    Key terms. (follow the instructions)              
#2 a and b
#3 a
#4 a and b

2) Find the name of the individuals who are in the following positions for the Town of Warrenton and Fauquier county.   Be prepared to turn the names in for a grade.
Mayor of Warrenton
Warrenton Town Council
Warrenton Town Manager
Fauquier County Board of Supervisors
Fauquier County Sheriff


01/23/2013 1:00pm

Hey Mr. Byvik I cant't do the first part because I don't have my textbook and for some reason I can't open my online textbook, but I'll do the second one.

01/23/2013 1:35pm

On my computer if you press ctrl button when you click on the link to the book it should open it. Hope that helps

Kayla Stanley
01/23/2013 1:43pm

I didn't bring the text book home and I can't open the text book so ill do the second one

Larry Byvik
01/23/2013 1:53pm

Ok. Sorry

Larry Byvik
01/23/2013 1:53pm

Ok. But u r responsible for the material

Kayla Stanley
01/23/2013 2:39pm

When I got to the online textbook it said I needed to install the adobe flash player but I'm not allowed to

Larry Byvik
01/23/2013 2:58pm

Ok. So u should have taken your textbook home

01/23/2013 3:38pm

you could look up the awnsers for one online , just saying and ome one could give you the questions

01/23/2013 5:09pm

I finished all but #4 in class and I don't have my textbook, so I think Im going to finish it in homeroom if thats ok.

Larry Byvik
01/23/2013 5:10pm

As long as u r ready for the quiz

Rutger Scott
01/24/2013 3:13pm

Not being an annoyance or anything Mr. Byvik but I don't remember the website in which you can bring up the online textbook. Does anyone mind telling me where it is.

01/24/2013 4:28pm

Rutger you can find the textbook in the blog a few blog post down; I think its something like pearson.com or something.

Larry Byvik
01/24/2013 4:20pm

Sorry Rutger. I have it at school. Dont know off the top of my head

Kayla Stanley
01/24/2013 5:14pm

I got it to work but in your first class you never told us our homework so we dosnt know to bring our textbook home

Larry Byvik
01/24/2013 6:07pm

I did say that u would have homework

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