Please print the Unit 3 CE 6 Vocabulary and bring it to class on Thursday.  If you have 3x5 note cards, bring those as well.

10/24/2012 11:54am

What's the section about??

Ninja Person
10/24/2012 1:05pm

Well this looks like fun =]

The Awesome
10/24/2012 4:20pm

Ninja or shall I say Dylon no not Dylan

Larry Byvik
10/24/2012 5:08pm

The constitution

10/25/2012 12:38pm

Did we have to complete the vocab???????????

Larry Byvik
10/25/2012 12:45pm

Nope. Just print and bring to class

Rutger Scott
10/25/2012 12:52pm

Mr. Byvik what is the homework due Friday?

Larry Byvik
10/25/2012 12:53pm

What does it say to do?

Rutger Scott
10/25/2012 1:18pm

You said that we had an assignment in class.. is this it?

Larry Byvik
10/25/2012 1:20pm


10/25/2012 2:20pm

So we have to find the definitions and write them on index cards for homework right

Larry Byvik
10/25/2012 2:32pm

PLEASE READ THE ASSIGNMENT IN THE POST!! What does the post tell you to do? Answer the question being asked!!

10/25/2012 2:52pm

Well it says Thursday but you said to Rutger that it was . So it say not to but you said do it to Rutger wich is why I'm confused

Larry Byvik
10/25/2012 3:00pm

What i told Rutger was to do what it says. Do for friday what it says to do for today.

Mr. DeRosa
10/25/2012 7:04pm

Can you post the documents as PDFs instead of Word documents? That will eliminate any issues with software compatibility, etc.

Larry Byvik
10/26/2012 2:26am

Ill try to

Hannah Cordova<3
11/01/2012 2:32pm

hey mr.byvik- are we allowed to print off pictures from Google Images?

Stephen Dooley
11/01/2012 4:33pm

Mr. Byvik, are the flash cards due on Nov 2nd?

Larry Byvik
11/01/2012 4:34pm


Larry Byvik
11/01/2012 4:35pm


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