DUE FRIDAY SEPT 14  ~~~  Find an example of a young person  (about your age) who worked to make a change in laws at the Local, State, OR National level, or made a difference in their community.  Ex...kids who've started charities, programs for schools, recycling programs, reading to elderly, AIDs prevention, anit-bullying programs, Raising money for causes, etc..... Write a 5 W's (Who, What, Where, When, Why) summary of what the individual accomplished. 



Mykala Dittmar (muh)
09/11/2012 1:26pm

haha mr byvik, i made a comment! =O =D

09/11/2012 5:42pm

Do you know any websites i could go to help me with it, I haven't been able to find ant kids. (I searched high and low)

09/12/2012 12:56pm

www.squidoo.com has a couple you might want to look there..

max :)
09/12/2012 2:43pm

I found one about a kid starting an organization to fight child labor. is that good? Thats all i could find. (your not the only one tim

Sabrina Borgstrom
09/12/2012 2:49pm

I searched '12 year-olds making a change' on google and came up with some pretty good results...
it might help if your having trouble with this

09/13/2012 12:35pm

i just typed in kids who made a diffrence on bing and wham awnser away

Hannah Cordova<3
09/13/2012 2:32pm

uhmm...i found this article about a girl who solved a robbery (shes 12)...does it sound okay or should i keep looking?? im not sure if adults were involved or not..

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