Here is the assignment for Chapter 11.  Virginia State Government.  This is due Monday January 14.  You will have a quiz on this material Monday as well.  Instructions are on the paper itself.  Find the assignment here or on the Civics page.  

Hannah Cordova<3
01/10/2013 2:25pm

hay mr.b i dont understand #4 in the CH11 paper

01/12/2013 4:00pm

hanna it is asking you what have you traded for somthing else at a point in life

01/12/2013 4:03pm

and mr b i cant seem to locate #s 24-27 can you posibly tell me where they are located in the text book or in the class out line or somthing that will lead me to the awnser i probaly have not looked hard enough but still i could use the help..... please help i am exausted

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