Please see the Unit 2 Cultural Vocabulary on the World Geography page.  There are 28 terms.  These need to be defined. You may use any source available to you.  The completed assignment will be turned in Friday October 5.  You may hand write or type the assignment. Your choice. Remember though, if you choose to type it to turn in, I am able to find out if you copied and pasted the definitions or descriptions. So make sure you are using your own words.

A 5th period student
10/03/2012 5:24pm

are we working on this in class?

10/04/2012 8:51am

are you kidding me, really

10/04/2012 11:25am

yes really

Lord Draigo (pen name)
10/04/2012 4:00pm

was not all that bad, just lengthy

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