Complete the Latin America map activity provided to you in class.  A copy of the instructions are HERE

callie redmond
12/06/2012 2:37pm

mr byvik,
i cant find the sheet you gave us today for the homework, will you put it online?

Larry Byvik
12/06/2012 2:44pm

Cali, i will put it online tomorrow afternoon. U can get it to me monday

12/09/2012 12:50pm

Where on the site did you put up the homework?

Larry Byvik
12/10/2012 12:30pm

I didnt. It was handed out in class

12/12/2012 5:35pm

I have lost my textbook for what may be an extended period, what do I do?

Larry Byvik
12/12/2012 6:05pm

Pay for a new one

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