See the link on the Geog page for the instructions or click here.  Due date TBD

Sarah Kamphuis
11/03/2012 3:15pm

When it says State song does that mean the state anthem? Also do we have to do a works cited?

Larry Byvik
11/03/2012 5:18pm

Same thing and nope

Lord of titan (really, it is just Joel)
11/04/2012 4:58pm

Still searching for non-polka, DARN YOU SOUTH DAKOTA AND YOUR LOVE OF GERMANIC MUSIC!!!, also, I may have found a way to sub, will check and return.

Larry Byvik
11/04/2012 5:01pm


same as the last comment
11/04/2012 5:02pm

Turns out that I was wrong, p.s. I am a big fan of your method Mr. B, cannot wait until Monday, of, wait, it would be Monday :(, well until Wednesday, well, this is the longest non-trolling comment I have ever left anywhere, even youtube, so ummm see you on monday.

Larry Byvik
11/04/2012 5:04pm


Callie - Lynn Redmond
11/06/2012 7:40am

Mr. Byvik, we have to have the lyrics to the state song on our poster? Also, are we allowed to print out pictures of the state flower, tree, and flag?

Larry Byvik
11/06/2012 7:41am

Nope. Just the song and yea re pix

Callie Redmond
11/06/2012 12:50pm

Mr. Byvik, is the homework for the weekend on the website, if it is not can you put it on, I cannot find mine.

Larry Byvik
11/06/2012 5:32pm

Its on the geog page.

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