Make sure to READ and REVIEW all of chapter 9 as well as the notes you took based on this previous assignment

Ch 9 Cultural Geography of Latin America (pages 216 – 236)

I've included the actual assignment in the event you need it to review.  The quiz MONDAY will come directly from this information.

I want to remind you that if you did not take your textbook home and are not able to open your online textbook, I am not able to provide help or a solution. You were told to take your textbook home during lunch today.  You are responsible for the information.


Blair Houska
01/25/2013 2:25pm

The link won't work on my laptop....

Larry Byvik
01/25/2013 2:29pm

Blair. Go to the world geog page and try the link titled "Latin America Textbook notes ch 9". If that doesnt work ask a friend

01/27/2013 11:52am

i cant get on the online textbook

01/27/2013 1:12pm

Wait so this we have to complete this assignment again for homework just for us to study

Larry Byvik
01/27/2013 1:18pm

Did you read what I wrote? If you actually read my post, you will have your answer.

Larry Byvik
01/27/2013 1:19pm

So how are you going to solve your problem?

01/28/2013 2:45pm

Ohh I get it now

Larry Byvik
01/28/2013 3:20pm

Yay! Thats cuz you are smart!! :)

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