Complete the CH 4 review I gave you in class today.  It is DUE FRIDAY

You will also have an assignment over the weekend.  Be sure to take your book home Friday.  It will be a writing assignment.  I will post the instructions for the weekend assignment here.

J St.Ledger
09/22/2012 9:05am

Mr.Byvick You told us not to take our books home friday

L Downey
09/22/2012 2:41pm

Mr. Byvik, I just wanted to make sure that the comment you announced in class was true or not.

J St.Ledger
09/23/2012 6:53am

What comment i got to class late and what assignment are we doin I am so CONFUZZLED!!!

J St.Ledger
09/23/2012 8:04am

Never mind............. Im not confuzzled any more

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