Civix kidz
Hey guys..take a few minutes and watch this video discussing the judicial branch of the government and the concept of Judicial review.  Be prepared to discuss this in class

Tyler Trimble
12/05/2012 2:55pm

Kinda off topic but are you coming to the basketball game against taylor tomorrow?

Larry Byvik
12/05/2012 3:00pm

Unfortunately no. I wish.

illa rochez
12/06/2012 4:20am

i cant get the video to come up the screen is blank is that bad and if we cant wach the video then should we just try to get the basic idea in class when we talk a bout it or are you going to show it to us?

12/06/2012 2:39pm

my mom wants a copy of the test on the packet. the last test we took on engrade i wanted to know if you could posibly give me a copy of my test so she can see what i got wrong. if you dont awnser this then i will probaly just ask you in class so yea theres no way around here, not one loop hole for you pr my self and if this changes any thing i will be punished severly if i dont get a copy of the test or all the questions i got wrong

Larry Byvik
12/06/2012 2:45pm

Ila. Let me see what i can do tomorrow. I will be out of town. Send an email to and ill try to get it to u

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