Here is the Country Project rubric
The project due date is Friday February 22.   I've put it on the calendar.  If you need paper, please see me in class.

02/09/2013 1:52pm

Mr byvik,
Will you post the size of the paper that we must use for the project?

Morgan Miller
02/19/2013 1:15pm

Mr. Byvik; my country has the exact population from 2008 and it also has a estimate of the overall population for 2013. Should I use the estimate (because its more recent) or the actual population (because it is correct)?

Mr Byvik
02/19/2013 2:01pm


02/21/2013 12:48pm

what country do i have

Larry Byvik
02/21/2013 1:59pm

I thought i told you in class? I have no idea. I keep that info at school.

02/21/2013 2:02pm

you did but it had a really weird name i cant remeber

Larry Byvik
02/21/2013 2:03pm

Y didnt u write it down

02/21/2013 2:06pm

i had no idea how to spell it was something like Taiwan or something right

Larry Byvik
02/21/2013 2:07pm

I suppose. Look at a map of the region and see if you can figure it out

02/21/2013 2:09pm


02/21/2013 3:07pm

ya im pretty sure its Tunisia

Larry Byvik
02/21/2013 3:30pm

Sounds close enough

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