CE  ~~~  Hey guys....lets see who is paying attention!  HINT ~~~~  The Preamble!  You better know it!

WG ~~  Just make sure you study your notes and the various study guides I have provided.
I've mention in class that I used to sail offshore.  I loved it.  The Volvo round the world race began ans the Whitbread Round the World race.  I've included a documentary about the most recent event.  The 2011-2012 race.  If you have an hour or so, its a fantastic video.   Sailing, especially the VRtW race, incorporates all of the aspects of climate, weather and physical processes we are discussing in class.  Its also just plain cool to watch!

I am not making this an assignment. I just think many of you will find it interesting.  If you do watch, listen for the many references to weather, location, the routes the boats take, etc....

Let me know what you guys think.
Complete the CH 4 review I gave you in class today.  It is DUE FRIDAY

You will also have an assignment over the weekend.  Be sure to take your book home Friday.  It will be a writing assignment.  I will post the instructions for the weekend assignment here.

CE -- assignment


Civix kids. I could not get the power point to load to the site. However the assignment is STILL DUE.

Please read the previous blog post to you. You are to complete a ven diagram of 5 similarities and 5 differences between the articles of confederation and the bill of rights. Each can be found readily on the internet.
Mr B
Hey guys,  I COMPLETELY forgot to load the power point with your assignment.  I will post it no later than Saturday afternoon.   The assignment is still due Monday.  You are to use a Ven Diagram to compare the similarities and differences between the Bill of Rights and the Articles of Confederation. 

You DO NOT need your text to complete this assignment. Both documents are available online.  Have a Great weekend
CE ~ Print The document Ch 4 Roots of Freedom.  Complete the questions to discuss and turn in on Friday 
Ch 4 Roots of Freedom

WG Students please print and complete for Friday the file labeled "CLIMATE WS WG 2a~e"

You will have a Unit 2 Vocab quiz on Friday

Also print the BIOME SUMMARY chart to use in class Thursday.

WG ~~ Notes


WG kids....I've posted the presentation for todays notes on the WG Unit 2 page.  If you need them you can get them there.  Remember your vocab is due Wednesday!