Yaaaay!! SNOW DAYS! Im going snowboarding at the warf this afternoon w my boys! FUN!
Meantime. Heres the assigment for you guys.
For today and thursday go to the links on the asia page for these two assignments
Enjoy! More later! Yay
South Asia Ch 23 Sec 1 pgs 590-596
South Asia Ch 23 Sec 2 pgs 597-601

Im adding the above assignments in PDF form.... I did a DUH!  LOL!

South Asia Ch 23 Sec 1 pgs 590-596
South Asia Ch 23 Sec 2 pgs 597-601


Rachel Crawford
03/06/2013 8:45am

Have fun snowboarding Mr. Byvik!;) So much fun!

Sarah Kamphuis
03/06/2013 10:46am

So we do South Asia Ch23 Sec1 today and South Asia Ch 23 Sec2 tomorrow. Right?

Donna DeRosa
03/06/2013 11:12am

Mr. Byvik, let me get this straight... you can go have fun with your kids on this snow day, BUT because you have given your civics class SO MUCH work, I can't go fun with my kids... Putting this arrogant comment up here is completely selfish and uncalled for!

Mr. byvik
03/06/2013 11:20am

I never said the kids couldn't have fun. Im taking mine snowboarding toinght. I'm actually in my classroom as I write this. I've been here since 9am. will be here till 3 at least and back tomorrow for at least 6 hours.

03/10/2013 11:43am

You go Mrs. DeRosa!

Colin Carroll
03/06/2013 12:12pm

Do we do both of those today?

Mr. Byvik
03/06/2013 12:50pm

That's up to you. I seriously doubt we will be in school tomorrow and Friday is Questionable.

As long as you have both completed by the time we return to school you will be fine.

Gabriela Oporto
03/06/2013 1:07pm

If we have school tomorrow, will the section two be assigned for homework?

Ryan King
03/06/2013 2:21pm

So just to make sure the essay IS 6-10 Paragraphs, right?

Larry Byvik
03/06/2013 3:32pm


Larry Byvik
03/06/2013 3:32pm


Allison Cree
03/07/2013 9:10am

Mr. Byvik I left my textbook at school and the online one will not work is there anyway that you can email me the questions?

03/07/2013 11:21am

umm, the homework said 7 countries, but I could only find five, wat do I do?

03/07/2013 11:25am

never mind, I realized that I had a brain fart

Abby L
03/07/2013 11:32am

How are we supposed to do the india's caste system thingy?

03/07/2013 12:51pm


03/07/2013 12:52pm

Mr. Byvik can do that. It minimizes schoolwork too, so I am ok with it.

03/07/2013 5:41pm

Morgan Miller
03/07/2013 1:53pm

Mr. Byvik, can you change the 597-601 assignment to a word document file also? The current file is not compatible with the computer I am using.

Mr. Byvik
03/07/2013 2:24pm

I just emailed them to your mother and will also post them here for you. My apologies as I forgot to make them PDF's for you to be able to print. Forgive me

03/07/2013 3:43pm


03/07/2013 5:55pm

Mr. Byvik I managed to get the questions done that you had us do but I havr been working since 2 O' clock in the afternoon and dont understand the Caste research paper at all. I would be extremely grateful if you go over the subject matter in class tomorrow, I just really don't feel comfortable with the subject material.

03/07/2013 6:33pm

I agree with Connor.

Ryan King
03/07/2013 7:03pm

I completed the assignments Mr. Byvik but I will not be here tomorrow because I'm going to Michigan tomorrow. Just a heads-up!

03/09/2013 6:11pm

Mr byvik can we please have study session soon after school... Or is there any extra credit I can do?

Larry Byvik
03/09/2013 6:18pm

Let me see what i can do. I work two other jobs. Both after school.

Talk to me Monday and we will work something out

kayla stanley
03/10/2013 7:37am

Do we still have to do the asighnment chapter 1 264-270 because we didn't do it in class

Mykala<3 (muh)
03/10/2013 8:13am

mr. Byvik, my computer is being stupid and wont let me click on the homework link for March 8, so can I get the questions from someone and write down the question and answer on a piece of paper?

Jo Quinn St. Ledger
03/10/2013 1:26pm

What was the assignment for civics on Friday?

03/10/2013 4:25pm

go to CE 9&10 Jud Syst and on the left in blue it will say Chapter 10 blah blah blah pg 264-270

Jo Quinn St. Ledger
03/10/2013 5:19pm


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