Hey kids!  Aren't you SOOOO excited?

our SOL test date is May 16.  at 745 am!  YYYAAAAAAAAAAAAYYY
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Mr. Byvik
Hey guys,  I have some vehicle trouble and am stuck WAY out of town for another day or two.  UGH....I am moving the due date to this FRIDAY April 5.  

I'm sorry for the late notice.
Please print and complete this assignment to the best of your ability.  You may use any source at your disposal.  Good sources are your text, notes and the CE 10 study guides found on the web page and SOLPass.

CE 10 Judicial Systems SG without answers
Complete this tonight.  Take your textbook home

CE 10 Txt bk Notes Ch 10 pgs 271-274

This is the link to the Quizlet Vocab review for this unit.  Vocab Test will be Friday
CE.10 Vocabulary review

CE~ HW assignment


Sorry for the DUH guys.  I was busy grading and reffing all weekend and forgot to post the assignment here.  Here is the link.  Its due Tuesday 3/12.  Some of you turned it in today so you are off the hook. Nothing negative to the rest of you as it was my DUH!  

CE 10 Textbook Notes Ch 10 Sec 1 pgs 264- 270

Also please practice your CE 10 Vocabulary

CE.10 Vocabulary review
Yaaaay!! SNOW DAYS! Im going snowboarding at the warf this afternoon w my boys! FUN!
Meantime. Heres the assigment for you guys.
For today and thursday go to the links on the asia page for these two assignments
Enjoy! More later! Yay
South Asia Ch 23 Sec 1 pgs 590-596
South Asia Ch 23 Sec 2 pgs 597-601

Im adding the above assignments in PDF form.... I did a DUH!  LOL!

South Asia Ch 23 Sec 1 pgs 590-596
South Asia Ch 23 Sec 2 pgs 597-601

1) bring 3x5 cards
2) Please go to the SOL Review page on This website.  In the MIDDLE column there is a list of CHAPTER TESTS. You are to complete 5 for each day we are out for snow.  So on Day 1, complete Ch tests 1-5....etc....  You may (should) use your textbook or any other source.

1) Refer to the blog page here and I will direct you to specific assignments.  I will include links and due dates.
Civix kidz!!!  You will NEEEEEED 3x5 cards for class beginning Monday!  Next week we will start to make our SOL review cards!  White cards are fine.  Colors are GREAT and preferred but not required.  I've got plenty of glue sticks which we will need.

I have a goal of a 100% pass rate for you guys this year.  Our benchmark testing has verified to me that this goal is not only